My name is Alexandria Andrews, I go to Oakland University where I’m a psychology major planning on continuing to go to Law School to become a family Lawyer. I will be your FIRST girl to post on Lacrosse Playground and I was BroBible’s girl to bring home for Thanksgiving.

I am a huge fan of lacrosse players, drinking, hockey, and Tom Petty. Here are my 10 reasons why babes love lax bros. Enjoy.

1. LaxBros have Confidence. Confidence is the sexiest and rarest characteristic to find in a man because most men who think they are confident are actually cocky douches. (Confidence = sexy / cockiness = lame)

2. LaxBros know how to have a good time. There’s almost nothing that can ruin a Bros night of partying with his fellow Bros and Babes.

3. LaxBros will go out of their way to help a fellow Bro.

4. LaxBros apparel. Only a Bro can pull off wearing pastels, neon, and Sperry’s.

5. The FLOW. Need I say more?

6. LaxBros are aggressive. Now, I can’t be the only girl that loves the physical and aggressive aspect of this sport. There’s just something about watching a player take out his opponent that makes me feel warm inside.

7. LaxBros have great bods. Dangggg.

8. LaxBros treat their Babes with the utmost respect. ALL men should act like a gentleman to their woman but I’ve definitely noticed that lacrosse players are the most respectful. Who said chivalry was dead?

9. LaxBros have endurance, running up and down that field and all.

10. LaxBros party hard.

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