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New York Class A State Champ West Islip is consistently one of the top high school teams in the country. Today we bring you glove mock-ups for the Lions’ 2010 season. Below are three glove option choices, the Brine King II Brine Shakedown, and Brine Thriller gloves (in that order).




  • JiggaWhat

    I’m digging the King II’s…not a huge fan of the other two.

  • bodega

    I’m personally torn on all of them. Tough decision for Islip right there.

  • Bromance

    the thrillers are scary

  • Ben Wildman

    Definatly the thrillers and as a runner up king II

  • Most of are team and getten the thrillllers ther dirty

  • me and most of my team are getten the thrillllers ther dirty