We have some more mock-ups for gloves next spring, this time from two of the top teams in the Washington D.C. area. Landon and St. Albans will both be wearing Brine’s King II gloves in 2010. The first glove is Landon’s mock-up, featuring a clean white glove with orange detailing and the school’s logo on the cuff. St. Albans has a mostly blue glove with white detailing and the school’s insignia on the cuff.



  • momo

    bulldogs…stand up

  • LaMarcus

    St.Albans gloves look good. The Landon gloves might get dirty if they try to get ground balls, but they probably won’t have to worry about that.

  • adrenamovement

    OK, Landon…not bad but feel free to call the Adrenaline office for some advice

  • RoleModel

    Man, Landon’s stuff looks so much better than STA’s. Surprise, surprise. In the words of some guy, look good, feel good, feel good, play good. This rings true in Landon’s historic performance over St. Albans.

  • Elky Im free

    STGay will never be a top team in the area.Go Bears

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  • Cock Meat Sandwhich

    Aint nothing gay about getting your dick sucked!

  • Rett

    Hey there buddy guy! Watch the language! There could be children looking at these posts, friend!