Our friends at the English Lacrosse Association gave us the rundown on the World Lacrosse Championship’s Mascot for this summer’s games. They originally ran a poll on their Facebook page with two options to choose from – Bulldog or Rhino.

The Bulldog, a British Bulldog of course, won hands down. The next step was to name it. Another poll gave three following options – Chester, Manny, and Crash, with Chester coming in first.

So Chester is the 2010 mascot; he’s a lacrosse lover but doesn’t play, he’s mischievous and fun but a bit clumsy.

Look out for Chester at a lot of lacrosse events running up to July.

  • Lacrosse Lion Larry

  • Rudy

    wow, they better not beat the u.s. get it together mike.

  • naplax31

    horrible idea i hope the u.s. can make their own cause we could do much better