I call it a guide, but who really needs a guide in life? “Be your own man.” That’s what I always say. Yet, the things we hold close and tight to our hearts have been a reflection of another man’s affection. So I say to you, take advice from this tailgate guide and make your Fall memorable. Impress the guys and gals with your beer opening skills, cooking skills, and your not-so-fancy-but-awesome flask at the next tailgate.

1. Opena – iPhone 4 case with a bottle opener
2. Hungover Cookbook
3. Coleman Propane Coffee Maker
4. Best BBQ in your neighborhood:
-Boston- New England BBQ
-New York City- Local Smoke
-Washington DC- Dizzy Pig
5. NFL Football Ladder Toss
6. Margaritaville Tailgating Grill
7. Streaker Sports Disposable Flask
8. Fire Pit + Ice Chest Combo


Disclaimer: Do the right thing and tailgate responsibly. Only do things that you are of age to do.