2011 is coming to a close and it’s almost time to flip the page to a new chapter. We are thankful for a lot of things that took place in 2011, but we’re especially thankful for our readers. You guys make everything we do worth it and we continue to see the significant support in our traffic analytics!

In the span of a little more than 1 year, we have increased traffic close to 500%. We anticipate this trajectory to continue through the next year. Since our inception, approximately 92% of our following have been dudes ages 12-22. No other lacrosse website, that currently exists, can claim user base statistics that are this concentrated, period. We provide content that we feel you will enjoy and share with your friends. We sincerely hope you approve.

This year has seen a lot of terrific changes to the lacrosse landscape. More and more college programs have sprung, i.e. Michigan. Lacrosse technology has evolved and continues to do so. Most importantly, interest in the sport and the sport’s lifestyle have increased tremendously. Without further-ado, here are the most viewed stories in 2011.

Preface: We’ve done a number of updates to our site this year, so the numbers represented on our “likes,” “tweets,” and so on are not up to snuff. But, low-and-behold, these posts are accurately ranked based upon our analytics.

10. Hofstra Lacrosse Swag + Locker Room

Hofstra Head Coach Seth Tierney cares a lot about how the Pride’s locker room looks. He cares so much so they have a stick room and everyone has their own rack.

9. Syracuse Locker Room Tour

John Galloway and Josh Amidon take us on a tour of the ‘Cuse locker room. The locker room is spacious and equipped with state of the art technology. At the end of each aisle you’ll see a flat screen TV. Surround sound speakers, lounge chairs and Wi-Fi are available to help create a comfortable atmosphere. Above every player’s locker hangs a plaque displaying all of the players who have worn their number before them.

8. Laxmas Sweater Vest Available For A Limited Time Only

We ran an exclusive line of limited apparel in collaboration with Boathouse Sports. The Laxmas Sweater was a great addition to any colored turtleneck. This was a big hit and will definitely be back.

7. Valentines Day: The Worst Holiday Ever For Lax Bros

Advice for the Bros is huge. Ali understands your needs and you listen.

6. Easton Raptor Helmet — Take Two

This post was a follow-up to the original, which leaked pics of the much, talked about Easton Raptor helmet. A lot of people had colorful commentary about the helmet. Many worried about the ‘tilt,’ but that was shut down by the company.

5. Make It Take It: ProAthletics Shooting Shirt Finalists Announced

The great guys at ProAthletics, custom apparel and uniform company, gave away 25 shooting shirts to the person who designed the best shooting shirt. We asked you to design an original shooting shirt with the ProAthletics and LPG logo included and thus, a shooting shirt was made haha.

4. Game Photos: UNC vs. Limestone Scrimmage

These photos were the first of the 2011 season. Go figure. Lax on Lax on Lax.

3. Grip ‘N Rip: UNC Attackman Billy Bitter

Billy Bitter’s Grip ‘N Rip garnered 22% of visits to our site. Need we say more?

2. Make it Take it: Zebra Apparel Shorts Finalists Announced

As always, we love hooking our fans up with great chances to dress their team. Our ‘Make it Take it’ contests are always popular. The Zebra Apparel one was no different and actually saw the most action.

ps, The Sexy Cat shorts did not win the contest. They were pretty close to winning, but were universally the most hated as well.

1. 10 Reasons Why Babes Love Lax Bros

Ali Andrews was the first girl (also worth mentioning is lax babe Sammie) ever to write for Lacrosse Playground. Her first post started 2011 off without a hitch and launched her into our number 1 spot with 26% of our traffic.

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