2013 Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament Highlights, Part 1

At the 2013 Lake Placid Lacrosse Tournament, the Big Red Steelheads took on the Select Sector Spiders in the semi-finals of the men’s open division. With both teams featuring some of colleges’ top lacrosse talent, a great game was in store for all those in attendance. Led by some stellar goaltending by Cornell alumnus AJ Fiore, the Steelheads defeated the Spiders, 10-9 in overtime.

We are going to be posting a lot of Lax.com’s Lake Placid Highlights over the course of this week and next. We’ll post them as they go up. Here is the first from yesterday. A lot of good lax in this one and some sick shots from a go pro on the crossbar and Lax.com’s slow-mo camera.