1. Not_a_good_idea says:

    I’m kind of offended by this. It’s a great idea to pay tribute to this national tragedy, but this seems like this a way to push people to buy things from lax.com, and you get a third graders sh*tty friendship bracelet. Does any of the sale profits go to people who were effected by 9/11 (NYPD, FDY, families who lost someone?).

  2. wow – just when someone tries to do something nice to promote awareness…   some “patriot” like you bashes them, the quality of the bracelet etc….  please get off this site and go play soccer

  3. Good Question says:

    Locohorhey – It’s a fair question. If lax.com is making
    money off this and at the same time no one who was affected from this tragedy
    is receiving any of the profits from the sales, then they are exploiting the
    situation. Is money from sales during this time period (where people are
    receiving the bracelet) going to people who were affected by 9/11? If not this
    is a wrong way to promote their site/sales.  

  4. F#$%^&  absurd that you would bash on Lax.com for giving out a cool Freebie with their orders.  In no way are they trying to promote sales, looks like they are just trying to do something nice for their customers, and have people in their community show support to an important cause.  I order stuff regularly from Lax.com, and was happy to get my bracelet with my last order.  I don’t think wearing a “shitty third graders friendship bracelet” is a valid description of these at all you A$$hole.  It’s the principal and the idea behind showing support for 9/11, and our troops.  I agree…  go play soccer, or swimming and diving

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