We have been the biggest fans of the MoGo Sport Mouthguards ever since we tested them in our testing facility. I know what you’re thinking. You think we don’t actually test the products. Well, you’re wrong. These little mouth protectors are Godsent. There are four flavors of your choosing, Fruit Punch, Lemon, Mint, and Orange.

First off, the flavors are made from all-natural ingredients and are FDA compliant. Secondly, wouldn’t you much rather prefer a flavored mouth piece that you enjoy, instead of a cumbersome, plastic device you despise? Furthermore, this product isn’t a one-and-done item. The mouthguards are embedded with the flavor, not coated or sprayed, so the flavor lasts game-after-game.

Btdubs, we recommend the Mint flavor. It tended to keep us more alert on the field. Learn more about the Matt Danowski endorsed product by visiting MoGoSport.com.

  • I just boil my mouth pieces with some Listerine and it tastes nice and minty. If you cover someone, it’ll throw them off because they’ll be wondering where that minty smell came from.