Adrenaline 2010: The Eco line

Posted on October 21, 2009 by

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Going green is everywhere these days. And environmentally friendly behavior continues to gain traction in the apparel business. Last year Adrenaline launched its Eco line, which included clothes made out of organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes.

Adrenaline’s 2010 Eco line includes the Adrenaline Eco logo, the Adrenaline man with an earthy twist (he’s made out of roots and tree limbs). The tree hug man comes on t-shirts (blue, grey and tan) and a grey Adrenaline Eco hoodie.

Check out some of the 2010 product below and comment to let us know your thoughts.





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  • curvy

    Is Adrenaline the first to put out an Eco friendly line?! Pretty Earth conscience over there in Cali. Props.

  • T-Lax

    you get a free bottle of petrulli oil when you order!

  • gospel chuks

    i love you all

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