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Lacrosse playground is a content wrapped e-commerce site dedicated entirely to men’s lacrosse equipment, apparel, and the lacrosse lifestyle.

Lacrosse players are some of the biggest gearheads on the planet. Whether it be pining over the latest stick technology, learning new stick-stringing techniques, or spotting a fresh set of gloves from the stands, equipment is more than just a tool for lacrosse players; and lacrosse is more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle. That’s where we come in. Lacrosse Playground is the only site dedicated entirely to men’s lacrosse equipment, lacrosse apparel, and the lacrosse lifestyle. Our Web site features the latest releases in lacrosse equipment, what gear the stars of today are using, and what trends the stars of tomorrow should be looking for. Beyond equipment, Lacrosse Playground looks at what matters most for the lacrosse player. We examine style and technology trends in the lacrosse community, realizing that lacrosse players care about far more than just what’s on the scoreboard.

Lacrosse Playground was launched in 2009 by lacrosse players and with lacrosse players in mind. Our e-commerce shop was added in spring 2012. Our goal is simple. Our other goal is to be the destination for players to view new products, learn about them and then purchase all in one trip.

Advantages to advertising on Lacrosse Playground, include:

Lacrosse Playground is for lacrosse players. Period. Our audience cares about the sport, and
cares about the product.

Our target demographic is the Millennial generation, a digitally- and socially- connected generation in tune with the latest trends, and with influence over their peers.

Social networking
gives advertisers a new level of influence and access.

We have a narrowly focused demographic and goal, which means you won’t reach people you don’t want to target.

Pay-per-view (CPM) advertising model, guaranteeing your ad is viewed a certain number of times.

Optional social media buys, opening up your interaction to users with contests, videos, blog feeds, and more.

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