If you haven’t seen the latest and best installment of the American Pie series called American Reunion, then you need to give yourself a cup check. American Reunion is chalk full of lacrosse references. And, they’re the kind of references only true lacrosse players know, which is why I found myself laughing alone in the theater. Go see it! Here is a video of Jason Biggs and Sean WIlliam Scott from the flick giving an interview whilst giving a shout out to Spain’s national team.

Producer, Chris Moore, for American Reunion actually played at Harvard. I took four years of spanish and still don’t know why it’s important to conjugate:

Activa los subtitulos en español 🙂
Jason Biggs (Jim) y Sean William Scott (Stiffler) mandan un mensaje de apoyo al Lacrosse en España durante la entrevista realizada el día de hoy en el Hotel Villa Magna de Madrid.