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Anarchy Goalie Head Dye Job

Posted on March 17, 2011 by

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The new head I did was for a ex-Salisbury goalie who contacted me asking for some flashy creative colors with the Anarchy logo on the head. So I decided to use Lime Green, Neon Yellow, and Baby Blue.

That was the first part of the head creating a fade on the head from the Lime to the Neon Yellow to the Baby Blue. I knew that simply putting the logos on prior would have made the contrast hard and I didn’t want to completely cover the head with Black because you wouldn’t be able to appreciate the colors. So I chose to cover the inside half of the head with the logo and then dye on an angle in Black. I used two different versions of the Anarchy ‘A’ but a majority of them with the circle. Each logo was again cut out individually and placed.

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  • Ty

    pretty sloppy dye job