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Michigan State University — Pink Jerseys For A Cure

It’s always inspiring when a Lacrosse team does something for the greater good of a community or someone in need. I was inspired and in awe to say the least when I heard that Michigan State’s lacrosse team played a game in Support The Cure jerseys (made by Alleson) and donated their funds to find a cure for breast cancer.

Valentines Day: The Worst Holiday Ever For Lax Bros

Valentines Day: The Worst Holiday Ever For Lax Bros

Every Babe knows that lax bros hate Valentines Day…no secret. Valentine’s is about 11 days away and I’m pretty sure a lot of dudes are scrambling around for gift purchases, ideas and planning. Baffled on what to do? To give? Here are a few tips for the lax bro to wow your girl.

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Central Michigan University Men’s Custom CPX-R, Brine King Superlights, adidas Custom Sublimated Uniforms

With preseason starting up I thought it was only fitting to post some pictures of some sexy gear for the 2011 season. This sick gear belongs to Bros of Central Michigan University.

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10 Reasons Why Babes Love Lax Bros

My name is Alexandria Andrews, I go to Oakland University where I’m a psychology major planning on continuing to go to Law School to become a family Lawyer. I will be your FIRST girl to post on Lacrosse Playground and I was BroBible’s girl to bring home for Thanksgiving. I am a huge fan of lacrosse players, drinking, hockey, and Tom Petty. Here are my 10 reasons why babes love lax bros. Enjoy.

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