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Mike Powell Being Mike Powell

Mike Powell Being Mike Powell

Rhino Lacrosse, which is operated by Mike’s older brother Ryan, uploaded this video of Mike Powell doing what he does best – being himself. His 2×4 attempt at a Rube Goldberg is inventive and creative. Everybody wants to be like Mike. Read More…

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Iron Chef, Notre Dame Lacrosse Style (Video)

May 26, 2012; Boston, MA, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish midfield Jim Marlatt (26) celebrates a goal during the first half of the NCAA Division I semifinals against the Loyola Maryland Greyhounds at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Place at the table! Read More…

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How to Get into Yale, Play lacrosse

Nov 22, 2011; Newark, NJ, USA; Yale Bulldogs forward/center Jeremiah Kreisberg (50) during the second half against the Seton Hall Pirates at the Prudential Center. Seton Hall Pirates defeat Yale Bulldogs 73-62. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

At first, I really wanted to create a rhythm for this post and sound articulate. But, then I realized that I didn’t attend Yale or even attempt to apply, nor consider it. In an attempt to avoid cliches, students used to solely focus on acing the boards in order to gain admittance to Yale. Today, according to the video, Yale admissions is on the hunt for good looking, opulent, pogo-sticking, lacrosse players. Read More…

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Flashback: Breaking the Fart Barrier in Your Relationship

no farting

This time he’s struggling with his girlfriend cutting the cheese. We’ve all been there right? Sike. I obviously haven’t. I date perfect TENS with perfect TEN lives and perfect TEN occupations with perfect TEN families. Read More…

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Milking is all the Rage These Days


Students in the UK are going nuts with milk. The latest internet craze is called ‘Milking’ and it’s an epidemic, supposedly. The concept is quite simple. Douse yourself with a jug of milk! Read More…

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Happy Thanksgiving from Your Favorite Lakers Bros


After the jump, Jeah Jeah…

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Life Lessons From a Lifetime of Lacrosse Fights


Lacrosse is a way of life. It might not be the most popular sport around but it’s the best. Lacrosse requires speed, agility, strength, a quick mind and lots of teamwork— in short, it requires the ultimate athlete. After a long practice, there’s seldom anything better than funny videos of lacrosse mishaps or a fight of one-punch bouts. Aside from entertainment and technique, there’s a lot to be learned and applied to everyday life. Read More…

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Gibbs Sports Introduces the Quadski

Gibbs Sports Introduces the Quadski

There’s not much to say here. Lance Armstrong is still my hero, so I’m going to honor him by purchasing a juiced up land-to-sea vehicle. Follow me. Read More…

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Will the Iroquois Top String Be Legal According to the New NCAA Stringing Rules

Iroquois Top String

I’ve been emotionally and physically shaken up by the new stringing rules imposed by the NCAA. How could they take something so personal away from the player? The stick is an extension of your body. Read More…

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Wow that was Fast, GW Lacrosse Team’s ‘Gangnam Style’ Parody


The George Washington Women’s Lacrosse team heard our war cry for a “Gangnam Style” parody and responded with an awesome rendition. The ladies hit up the DC monuments and the ruf to bring you a video that has set the bar high. Read More…

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