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2013 Lehigh Lacrosse Player Blog: #theBoysGoWest (Photos)

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Last Thursday was a huge day for a couple of reasons: Villanova was looming and it was Valentine’s Day. Let’s start with Valentine’s Day. There were a couple highlights for the Lehigh lacrosse team, as Kyle Stiefel set the record for most social media posts in a day regarding his girlfriend. Alan Henderson was Valentineless on Thursday, but he made up for that with his performance with the ladies on Saturday. Fortunately for myself, Alex, my high school sweetheart, was my valentine. All my buddies call her “the one that got away,” but I am working hard to make sure that is not the case. Read More…

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2013 Lehigh Lacrosse Player Blog: Complacency

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Complacency. That was the key word and theme of practice this past week as our team found itself struggling only a few sleeps before the opening tilt of our 2013 campaign. The excitement of game #1 got the better of us, and as a result, our focus during last Thursday’s practice was less than acceptable. The lack of focus really came to light while we were struggling with our clearing drill. Coach Cassese was having none of it, and put us on the end line and ordered us to regroup. Read More…

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2013 Lehigh Men’s Lacrosse Player Blog: We Got a Ring But We Still Ring Chasing

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As all of the boys voyaged back to Lehigh on Friday, January 11th, there was only one goal on our minds: win the 2013 National Championship. Looking back at a stellar 2012 campaign, we accomplished many firsts in school history. It was an unbelievable opportunity to be a part of that Mountain Hawks team, as the flywheel got rolling like I could have never imagined. However, with a new team, new faces and the loss of an unbelievable senior class, our squad quickly realized the monumental task ahead of us. Read More…

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