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Good morning laxers and lax lovers. This morning we’re going to get nice and comfortable with man handling our mesh. Just remember that this piece of mesh is going to be scooping, throwing, shooting, ripping, and laxing it up for you — make sure it’s up to grade.

Sidewalls: interlocking, floating, and/or both?

Good morning laxers and lax lovers. Hope you’re ‘snowed in’ and enjoying some muesli and a cappuccino. For this post, let’s get a bit intricate. I want to talk about the difference between interlocking and floating sidewalls.

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We're All A Little Different, After All.

Good afternoon laxers and lax lovers. I hope to see a bunch of you at the convention this year to get the up and up on coaching, reffing, gear, and anything lax related! Read More…

Simply Stated, That's A Gimmick, Bro.

Good morning laxers and lax lovers.  This post is a call to all those blind and overzealous hopers, dreamers,  and believers who purchase “The Magic Bullet” from infomercials: STOP PLEASE.  You’ve heard it a million times before, and you’ll hear it a million more: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is […]

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"I know nothing."

Happy New Year lax lovers! As the new year begins, many people, such as myself, take the time to reflect on who they are, their goals for the year, and how they can improve themselves (all you regular gym goers can see the difference in January). You achieve those goals by learning how you will get there, finding the best route, then sticking to that course.Keep Reading…

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Take It Easy…

Happy holidays laxers and lax lovers. I am writing this post to remind you all to remember the little things because, sometimes, they mean so much. When stringing a stick, it’s all in the deets (Urban Dictionary translation: details). Not to say that my upcoming bit of stringing advice means everything, anything, or even the most; I would just like to point out that sometimes something like a knot or the slightest change in tension can impact a stick tremendously.Keep Reading…

You work on this, you work on that. Why not on your pocket?

From my experiences coaching, playing, and working in the lacrosse industry, I feel there is not enough emphasis on a player and how he understands his playing instrument. Sometimes it is the wand, not the wizard. Keep Reading…