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JoviNation: HeadWrapz Contest


We are doing a contest giveaway of a HeadWrapz just like the one seen here that is on Jovan’s helmet.  The special thing is, only TWO exist and none will ever be made again, unless of course Jovan orders another. Read More…

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Zay-Zah: The New Era Begins


So as we had reported just over a year ago this month, Jacob Redlingshafer has been doing things big again with his unique and quality line of clothing.  This isn’t just your normal wear and be uncomfortable after a while type of clothing. Read More…

Pre-Gaming with Pat: Spectacular


From the shades to the waves, a Wolverine pre-gaming party just can’t be matched. Sorry to all the lists of party schools out there, they just don’t have someone like Pat Stansik going around creating masterful videos, and entrancing works of art that captivate the eyes. Read More…

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Pre-Gaming With Pat: Reunited


It’s that time of the year again people, Michigan football is in full swing to take over once again and what does that mean for us all? YES, it means another established year of Pat Stansik blessing us with videos of the amazing people of AA, the deuce deuce, Ann Arbor showing us how it’s done on the streets while he interviews them and shows us the festivities. Read More…

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Pat Stansik: NARPS


It’s happened to you, we all know, you have been repping weight in the gym and a NARP has came by to screw up the progress you are trying to make to look your best.  What’s a NARP you ask?  Well, I guess you are going to have to watch the video made by our very talented, and very favorite video creator, Pat Stansik. Read More…

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Pat Stansik: I’m 24

Screen shot 2012-04-13 at 3.30.13 PM

By now, the candles are blown out, the hangover has set in, but the taste of the tremendous skills, and possibly birthday cake, have not left us.  The fact of the matter is Pat Stansik is getting older, and only he has ingenious ways of showing it and making it enjoyable. Read More…

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Pat Stansik: Sons and Daughters


For the most part, a lot of us have either thought we knew more than our parents, claimed we did, or told them we hated them.  Nevertheless, we all have fond memories and most of us will admit that in the male and female realm, even sons and daughters, there exists a double standard.  Read More…

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Bros vs. Hipsters

pat stansik

At times, we are often challenged with tough calls to make as to who makes up our world, town, and even household.  However, this video is much more simple than that…or is it?  Can you tell whether he is a bro or a hipster?  Read More…

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Training Tips: Polar Team 2


While playing many sports, including lacrosse, many of us are always trying to find ways to train more effectively. Whether it’s running, playing hockey, lacrosse, or another sport, the Polar Team 2 has already made a tremendous difference across the world in a big way. Read More…

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Pre-Gaming with Pat: Finally


As some of you know the Ohio State game marks the end of the Michigan Football season, so of course it means that Pat Stansik would be filming his last Pre-Gaming with Pat video as well. Read More…

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