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Pre-Gaming With Pat: Legendary


With Michigan’s latest football game, home game that is, I am sure those of you that follow Pat Stansik know he was hitting the city to make another video! Nevertheless, Pat assured this video would not disappoint. Read More…

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Win A Pre-Gaming With Pat Shirt


Pat has created a unique shirt to go along with his tremendously funny videos capturing the allure of the pre-game rituals found in Ann Arbor. With that said, Pat is going to be giving away 3 shirts to some lucky people once his Facebook Page gets 300 likes.Read More…

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HeadWrapz: The Raptor Is Coming


By now many of you have already seen some amazing designs by the company who originated the headwrap. Well, with Easton’s Raptor helmet having some love, HeadWrapz decided to wrap it with top secret material from the lab that no one knows about. Read More…

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Pre-Gaming with Pat: Getting Dirty


Pat Stansik shows us why we all need to get down and dirty in Ann Arbor, from the women, to the games, A2 is the place to be! Read More…

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Zay Zah Clothiers


It always seems we walk around in everyday life trying to find something to set us apart from each other, or just to fit in.  Well for Jacob Redlingshafer, he has created a clothing line that you can go from the gym, to grinding on your neighbor’s ex-girlfriend in no time at the club without an issue and still look stylish.  Read More…

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The Maryland Lacrosse Glove Issue?


Unless you have been hiding in your closet with a flashlight and a furby, you have probably heard the news about, or rather, the rumor concerning the Maryland lacrosse team having issues with their Under Armour gloves. In fact, what I came up with was far from what was stated. Read More…

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Ditto Dude – Enough Said


While this new design has just left you speechless, with nothing more to say than, Ditto Dude, yeah, I can just read your mind, it just so happens to be the next best thing out there in the lacrosse community. Read More…

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Club Brogue Uniforms


We have all had them, uniforms, but getting them is only half of the fun! We had quite the dilemma, so having the connections that I have, I contacted a friend of mine on the East Coast to see if he knew anyone that could help us get some uniforms in just a matter of weeks. Read More…

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Veterans To Victors


With September 11 just behind us, the effects of that date are still felt throughout each and everyone of us. Never is that more apparent than in the picture with one USA Paratriathlete, Melissa Stockwell, who lost her leg while serving in Iraq from an IED. While some of you may sit back, and have probably often wondered what it would be like to lose an limb that is so vital that we use everyday, it’s just something that she never thought about, and, well, it has yet to stop her. Read More…

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Eleonore Rocks Foundation


Many days we go through life just living each day as it comes. Once in a while we have many thoughts about random elements of life, which may even cause us to take action to do something great. Well, I am taking the time to talk about something great right now. Something that has made a difference in many lives already, and even an opportunity many of you could take part in. This foundation is called Eleonore Rocks Foundation. Read More…

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