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Lacrosse Coverage In Michigan Just Got Better

Tim Sullivan has created a new website that entirely covers nothing but lacrosse from that state of Michigan.

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HeadWrapz: Kyle Harrison's Latest Lid

Kyle Harrison reveals to the world the creation that HeadWrapz has bestowed upon him, which include his major sponsors and a great overall theme. Keep Reading…

HeadWrapz: Marcotte-First Look

HeadWrapz creates a tremendous wrap for a customer that is very detailed with an aircraft body theme as the center of attention. Naturally HeadWrapz would present an item that has everything to do with lacrosse, well this helmet does, but it has a tremendous twist on it that even I adore.

Michigan Lax Gets New Practice Helmet: All Hail

Of course it seems the University of Michigan Lacrosse team is getting spoiled because they did get new helmets already, but these are special. In fact, these are not only for practice, but the even sport an old logo, which I haven’t seen in a long time, known as the “Wolverbear.” Read More…

Team Hulu Wrapped Out By HeadWrapz

HeadWrapz has been wrapping everything lately but next years Christmas presents it seems, and I took a particular interest in this helmet because it’s not only a company we have all heard of, but I was really wondering who this “Team Hulu” really was. Keep Reading…

HeadWrapz Cares: Rebuild Japan Relief Wrap

By now everyone should know HeadWrapz as the company who can take your thoughts and dreams and make them a reality for your lacrosse helmet. Today, HeadWrapz creates another innovative way to raise awareness for the relief efforts in Japan.

HeadWrapz Gives St. Stephens High School (TX) A New Look

HeadWrapz gives St. Stephens a new sense of identity by creating a unique wrap for their helmets. Keep Reading…

HeadWrapz Cares: Rebuild Japan Relief Effort T-Shirt

HeadWrapz, a company many of you love, has done a tremendous amount of footwork to ensure the individuals of our community have an opportunity to show our support to our friends over in Japan, and all the individuals affected by this adverse situation. Of course, in many cases Read More…

HeadWrapz Design For Checkmate Inn Lacrosse

First thing that comes to mind with this design is the name of the team, Checkmate. It truly is a unique and flawless design, which HeadWrapz has once again dialed in and executed with tremendous precision. Keep Reading…

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University of Michigan’s Lacrosse Team’s Evolution

So what has it taken to become one of the best teams in the MCLA? Moreover, what does running a top program in the MCLA even entail? I have been asked numerous times by many adoring lacrosse fans, who love lacrosse, and Michigan Lacrosse even more, just what all does it take to make Michigan Lacrosse a success. Keep Reading…