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The Very First Lacrosse Program on the Indian Subcontinent


One year ago, our Co-Founder Joey Cowen traveled to India, while he was there he visited an orphanage called Ramana’s Garden. India continues to struggle with the burden of the caste system, and so the Director of Ramana’s Garden decided to build a school reserved for the “Untouchables”, the lowest caste. This caste has almost no opportunities for education or employment, so the school pushes through the cultural boundaries which have been in place for thousands of years. A good fit for One World Lacrosse. Read More…

One World Lacrosse Volunteers In Southeast Asia

Chiang Mai 2

On November 2nd of last year, I was lucky enough to take a bag full of lacrosse sticks on a trip through Southeast Asia with a fellow One World Lacrosse volunteer. We knew we would start our trip in Thailand, and end in Indonesia. Everything in between we would decide along the way. Lacrosse Outreach Foundation gave us about 15 mini sticks and balls to hold an impromptu camp for some kids out there. Read More…