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ArchLevel Lacrosse Hops Across the Pond

Hey all! We are all well aware that the wonderful lads over at ArchLevel Lacrosse have been growing the game in the United Kingdom for a while now, but now, they’re coming to America with a ridiculous contest to kick it all off. Their “Gimme the Good Stuff Contest” is set up by the ArchLevel Factory, the bespoke end of the ArchLevel operation. Read More…

Where’d You Get That Hat?


Not even a joke, I was asked that at least twice when I walked out of my apartment wearing the hat that my lovely boys at Lacrosse Playground sent me. I am a very proud hat wearer, but never think to put on baseball caps. Read More…

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MLL Pros Spreading Holiday Cheer in Newtown


Driving through Newtown, CT, one is struck by the grim demeanor of a town still in the early stages of recovering from unspeakable tragedy. But when I stepped onto the turf field, the whole atmosphere changed. Led by pro MLL players sponsored by Warrior and Brine, the kids of Newtown were having a blast. Read More…

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Checking in with ArchLevel Lacrosse: Sights of the European Lacrosse Championships

Netherlands v. Germany Day 1

England is having quite the year! The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics (where I’ll be…) and now their lacrosse teams are participating in the European Lacrosse Championship! Our favorite blokes from England at ArchLevel always seem to be right in the thick of things in terms of lacrosse’s rapid expansion in Europe and the European Championships are, of course, no exception. Read More…

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London, Meet STX


As many of you know, I am transplanted across the pond for a couple of months. London is a lovely place, filled with history, adorable accents and crazily dangerous traffic. But, not much lax in the city itself. So when STX sent me a bunch of apparel from their new Spring collection, I jumped at the chance to introduce London to STX. I think they’ll get along just fine. Read More…

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ArchLevel Launches Incredible Contest!

‘Ello blokes and birds! Still coming at you, just from across the pond (I’m in England) and in that spirit, I’d like to talk about an amazing contest from my mates over at ArchLevel Lacrosse. They made some waves last year with their new approach to lacrosse in England and with their All-Pro tour. This Summer, they’ll be partnering with the European Lacrosse Championships. Read More…

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Striker Danger Strikes Again!


Hi all! Back to business with a post about shorts. In the middle of Winter. But seriously, Striker Danger has done it again. I love their men’s patterns, and when I got a couple pairs of my own, I couldn’t believe the quality of the material. They’re thick enough to get in an outdoor workout up North and breathable enough to wear on the beach down South. To test, I did both! From NY to CT to Miami, these shorts stood the test of weather and movement. Read More…

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Things I Love: Fall Ball Edition

mustache madness movember

Your lax babe here! Back and ready to get into the Fall Ball action! Besides the crisp weather, boots, scarves, rugby and water polo…(I’m drifting…), Fall brings us the newest of the new for lax, preparing us for the sweet Spring. The lax bros and babes in the know aren’t hibernating until Spring season, they’re still in the game. So this is the list of things I love for Fall 2011, which isn’t even over yet! Read More…

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“Lax Bro Life”-Style Taking Over, One Tank at a Time


The boys behind the wildly popular GYM TAN LAX® tank tops, (asociaL Empire) do not stop for a second, even as lax bros and babes from coast to coast proudly wear their goods. So, this summer, they were proud to announce the release of their latest product lines, LAX BRO LIFE® and LAX on LAX on LAX®, including new tanks and tee shirts. Read More…

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Traditional Strings Gets Ready for Back to School

traditional strings

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Traditional Strings and their excellent programs like stick donation. As a company trying to grow the game, they’re trying to strike a balance between gear and reaching the actual game of lacrosse to people who may not have gotten involved in it otherwise. Read More…