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Trilogy Lacrosse Swag Unveiling and Sendoff Shindig

Our good friends over at Trilogy Lacrosse recently asked us to come to a get-together at their NYC office to unveil their new apparel, check out the office, and send off US Indoor Team member Mitch Belisle.

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Traditional Strings Grows the Game with Gear

Hi all! The Lax Babe back again, and today I’m bringing you guys a great company that isn’t just making moves in the gear department, but just changed the game in terms of very cool new programs.

Basic Skills That Pay the Bills

Midseason. We are that much closer to the trek to Baltimore to see the top teams get rowdy in May. But before you think it’s all figured out, let’s look at this past week alone. D1 and D3 had their #1 teams toppled, and there have comebacks all over the place from teams like Maryland, UVA and (surprise) Denver. So taking from this season, what skills can be applied to a laxer to make them the best they can be? Your lax babe gives you: your basic skills that pay the bills.

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Getting Recruited!

Getting recruited is insanely difficult, since sometimes you have no idea how to get visible to coaches. How do you get your name out there to the colleges and programs that you’re aiming for? And even then, how do you know which program you want? It is an incredibly confusing jumble of things you have to do, but luckily, I have Chris Meade of here to give you a little help.

How to String a Stick with Fletch

We have incredible stringing gurus on the site, Greg Rose and Max McCool, who have given us all tricks and tips of the trade when it comes to stringing a lacrosse stick. But I actually never learned how a stick is strung! So, I turned to my old neighborhood store, Lacrosse Unlimited (at its Norwalk, CT location), and asked Kyle “Fletch” McClure to show me how Lax Unlimited gets their heads strung.

Kyle Harrison Talks Arch Level Lacrosse, Expanding the Game

Kyle Harrison Talks Arch Level Lacrosse, Expanding the Game

Kyle Harrison is an absolute veteran of lacrosse. Currently sponsored by STX and Nike (among other companies), he will be taking his talents this coming week across the pond, kicking off the All-Pro tour of friends of LPG, Arch Level Lacrosse. I was able to talk to Kyle to see what he’s looking forward to about the tour, expanding the game both internationally and domestically, and who he sees as this year’s Tewaaraton winner.

The Dreaded Roster Picture

Having seen many rosters this year, I know that they’re incredibly valuable for a player. A roster pic helps put a face with the name (and the talent), and for the most part, they’re actually good pictures. But in the past few months, I have seen some standout pictures that actually made me question the sanity of the people having their pictures taken. So I put together these observations of mine on taking a roster picture that won’t make people hide their kids when they see it.

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Your Guide to Lax Babes

Hello, hello laxers! So we’ve been talking for a while as your resident lax babe, and a question that I often get is ‘what exactly is a lax babe’? Well, allow me to explain with this handy LPG exclusive guide to what a lax babe is.

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Turf Dawgs Launches New Website

Turf Dawgs Launches New Website

Cleats are definitely the most difficult part of the laxer’s kit to maintain. They get worn down from the running all over the field, they get dirt, mud and little turf bits stuck in them, the list of grievances continues. But for the laxers in the know, there is a way to protect that investment, Turf Dawgs. Turf Dawgs have been around for a while, but they just launched a new website that is as awesome and useful as the product itself.

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United Kingdom Lax Gear!

Hope you all liked my article on Arch Level Lacrosse, the lacrosse company out of England. Vincent Grimes, the head of ALL, also happens to be Captain of Colchester Lacrosse Club and coach of the University of Cambridge Lacrosse Club. As the season approaches, they’re getting some sweet gear and are letting us post it up! So let’s see what we’re about to see out of Mother England.

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