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Arch Level Lacrosse: The British Invasion

Arch Level Lacrosse: The British Invasion

The lacrosse world is always trying to expand, and is known as the “fastest growing sport on two feet”. Now imagine that these two feet are attached to a laxer with a British accent.

Lax Psych Up Playlists

Every player can name their go-to psych up songs. There are the popular ones like “Welcome to the Jungle” or basically any hair ballad and the ones that make you wonder what is happening in that player’s mind. For instance, if their favorite song is “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”? Sorry, those gloves are probably coming off.

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6 Players to Watch This NLL Season From a Lax Babe’s POV

I am what Connor Martin would call a “lax babe”. I follow lacrosse with the same intensity that preteen chicks reserve for Justin Beiber. Not just for the flow (which I am admittedly a straight sucker for), but also for the love of the game. Last weekend, I checked out the season opener of the Philadelphia Wings, as they hosted the Boston Blazers. Phenomenal game on both sides, especially for a season opener. Based on other openers last weekend, here is a list of players to watch this coming season for the NLL…

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