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Are the Cavs Big Enough? Size is Determining Factor for Virginia in ACC Tournament

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Many are confused as to why the Virginia Cavaliers, while able to win national championships and stomp out seemingly anyone in their path, are unable to win against Duke. How does a team that loses 12 of 13 matchups to an ACC rival manage to win 2 national championships during that time, while the other only wins one? Read More…

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Takeaways from Rivalry Weekend

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As Quint Kessenich said on Twitter Sunday, “Sometimes teams are coached to win games in March, but that ultimately costs them games in April.” The question is, who are those teams? If we weren’t sure headed into this weekend, we at least have an idea now. Duke dominates Virginia, Maryland shuts down Hopkins, the Tar Heel offense continues to gel and improve, and Loyola sits atop the national polls after a gritty win against growing power Denver. Read More…

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Dealing With a Major Lacrosse Injury

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In the first quarter of that game (presumably), I did something to my knee. I don’t know exactly what, but I know that at the end of the quarter, it started to feel weird. By halftime, I looked down and noticed that my knee had swelled to about the size of a grapefruit. Read More…

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Top 8 Lacrosse Myths of Today

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Salisbury coach Jim Berkman (only coach with 400 wins) pointed out at the US Lacrosse Convention several years ago, it is imperative to coach your players to shoot for the open net, and shoot in the air. “In the air” does not mean “high”, but instead that the ball hits net before it hits ground. A bounce shot is unpredictable, especially on grass, and also gives the goalie a few extra fractions of a second to stop the ball. Shoot it where the goalie ain’t. Read More…