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Johns Hopkins Signs 5 Year Old (Video)

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Marquise Long, a 5 year old diagnosed with a pediatric brain cancer, signs with Johns Hopkins through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. Read More…

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ConnectLAX Recruiting Profiles Go Mobile to Maximize Player Exposure

ConnectLAX Recruiting Profiles Go Mobile to Maximize Player Exposure

Like everything else, college recruiting has gone mobile. Coaches don’t find you while surfing the Internet; they see you on the field. They look over their shoulder and say “hey, who’s that number 24.” Read More…

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Lacrosse Player’s Concussion Unlocks Musical Talent!

Lacrosse Player's Concussion Unlocks Musical Talent!

After being concussed during a lacrosse game, Lachlan Connors can now play 13 musical instruments. Read More…

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Receive 30% Off, NFL Hoodies by Streaker Sports

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Streaker Sports is running a special Halloween sale for 30% off all of their hoodies now through Thursday, Oct. 31st (discount code “keepwarm”). They don’t have any plans to bring these hoodies back. Read More…

Jonny Gomes, Boston Red Sox and Lacrosse Meet

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Gomes, fans, and personnel held up “Stand Up to Cancer” signs as a show of support for those battling cancer. Gomes, granted the opportunity, held up two signs. Read More…

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Win the Dragonfly Breast Cancer Awareness Lacrosse Shaft

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These shafts are not available for sale. This is the 3rd year Epoch, the most innovative lacrosse shaft manufacturer, has focused its efforts on spreading breast cancer awareness. You can win this shaft simply by sharing this post on Facebook. Read More…

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All Black Lacrosse Team Rocked Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

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Kyle wanted to do something special because it was the team’s debut. He wanted the team to show their support for breast cancer awareness month, so Rock ‘Em Apparel used a Pink color scheme from their “Rock The Cure” collection. Read More…

The Best U13 Player in the World Commits to Air Force

The Best U13 Player in the World Commits to Air Force

Wow! We were stoked to learn that the high school freshman who committed to Air Force this week was in fact our favorite U13 player in the world. In July of 2012, I made a pretty bold prediction. Read More…

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Emotionally Charged Story about Sports and Music

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There is an indelible intersection where music and sports collide. It’s apparent at every sporting event. Music is played over the speakers, at tailgates, through headphones, and etc. This past weekend, ESPN captured that moment by featuring former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason, who lives with ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease), and his affinity for Pearl Jam. Read More…

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Breaking: Rob Pannell Signs with Wheaties

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As of 12:30 (EST) today, Wheaties announced the signing of Major League Lacrosse Rookie of the Year Rob Pannell to Team Wheaties. Read More…