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Epic Promo for USA Indoor Lacrosse (Video)

usa indoor lacrosse

We’ve all seen promo videos before, but you’ve never seen one like this! This promo embodies every NBA commercial that ever tugged on your heart strings. It makes you want “it” so much more. US Indoor Lacrosse is serious and we suggest you help support the effort as well. Read More…

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MCLA Lacrosse Promo ‘We’re Everywhere: Away Uniforms On’

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 10.54.20 AM

The MCLA has launched a video campaign for the ’12 season. To get things started they’ve released their first video titled Away Uniforms On. In it, you get a preview of what to expect in terms of jerseys from around the league. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse Unveils New Athlete (Video)

easton lacrosse

Easton Lacrosse will be announcing the arrival of a new Easton athlete. This video placement will give you an idea of who he is. The player is the complete package and will, without a doubt, add a tremendous amount of flare to the Easton team. Read More…

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Dominican Lacrosse Media Guide Photos


I wanted to share photos I took yesterday for the Dominican lacrosse schedule/media guide. Five Dominican University of California men’s lacrosse players have been named to the preseason All-Western Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association team and the Penguins have been pegged as preseason favorites to win the WILA. Read More…

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Easton Lacrosse: Danielle Spencer’s Motivation (Video)


Check out this Verdict video piece for Easton Lacrosse featuring Danielle Spencer. Danielle is one of the most highly decorated women’s lacrosse players in the game right now. A 3-time National Champion in college, member of Team USA and currently a coach at Stanford, Danielle stays super motivated to be the best. Read More…

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St. Mary’s MCLA Photos — For Sale


Verdict Photography and MCLA Magazine have been able to put their highly sought after series for St. Mary’s Lacrosse Team for the (now famous) March 2011 MCLA Cover up for sale. Purchase the entire series on a CD at the VerdictStore or click HERE to order individual photos.

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Visual Stimuli: Crooked Arrows — Week 2 Of Filming

crooked arrows-2

The cast and crew are rested up and back on the field to capture some superb lacrosse footage for the big screen. Check out these production stills from week 2 of principle photography on feature length lacrosse film: Crooked Arrows. Read More…

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Future Lacrosse Stars of Tomorrow

tomorrows stars-1

In trying to promote the sport of lacrosse I’ve done a lot with various magazines, organizations, and lacrosse equipment manufacturers to get the right ‘lax aesthetic’ out there to the general public. Well, this summer I decided to swim up stream a bit more and capture the true future of the sport…the youth players! Read More…

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Rock Stars: St. Mary’s College Lacrosse Team

As a former NCAA player, I have to give a lot of respect to all those MCLA players out there. Talk about ‘For the love of the Game’!! I recently teamed up with Agent Odgen and MCLA magazine to showcase one such team of ‘Rock Stars’…the St. Mary’s Lacrosse Team. Check out these photos from this month’s MCLA magazine…Hard Core!

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California Box Lacrosse

California Box Lacrosse

All you East Coasters out there might not have heard about Shaydon Santos and his Cali Lax All-Stars youth box lacrosse teams, but they are making lots of noise in California’s Bay Area. Not only do they have the sweetest uniforms on the planet, their game looks good too.