If you’re going back to school like Billy Madison or just want to recapture how to string a beautiful wand, then you’d be smart to brush up on the craft. Follow along at home.

Materials needed to string are:
-An unstrung lacrosse head
-A stringing kit (Mesh, shooting strings, sidewall)

To start, fold the mesh so that there are 9 diamonds going across the top, making sure the “rougher” side is there the pocket will be. To start the top string, cut a piece of sidewall about 3 feet long and tie a double knot. Put it through the head then the bottom of the mesh like so:

To secure the mesh to the head, go back through the sidewall of the head and up through the mesh.

To attach the mesh to the head, take the sidewall string and go through the back of the head, front of the mesh, then make a loop back through the mesh (leaving space) through the front of the head and then through the loop. Pull really tight to make sure the mesh doesn’t shift when your playing.

Continue to do that until you have made it all the way to the other side of the head, skipping one hole between each top hole, making sure they are very tight. Then repeat tying it to the head.

To start the sidewall, stretch the mesh out more to help make it easier to get a tight sidewall. Next cut a string about 3-4 feet long and tie a double knot on one end. To start the sidewall, go through a sidewall hole and then through the front of the mesh, then on the inside of the head and back through the string, making a loop and latch.

Continue to do this until you get where you want your pocket, usually in the middle of the head. To double up, simply go through the front side of the mesh once, then the front of the next mesh diamond, looking like this.

Do this all the way down the head until you get to the last stringing hole. Instead of looping and latching, go through the front of the mesh, then through the inside of the hole and tie a knot.

Next, cut another sidewall string and copy the sidewall pattern from the other side exactly, and tie it on so it should be even.

For the bottom string, cut a string about 1 foot long. Tie a double knot and go through the bottom string. Look for the next row of diamonds down from the last row you went through for the bottom hole. Weave through the first 4, skipping one then the next 4 so it should come out even.

Now for the shooters, take a shooting string and weave it through a row of diamonds, leaving enough for a knot at the end.

After that, weave through with the other end of the shooting string so it looks flat and clean. Now you are done, with stringing a stick!

View my Clutchfanatic37’s videos by clicking HERE.

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