BAD SPORTS Episode 2: The Original Lacrosstitute


Due to our brief getaway to Palm Beach last week promoting our water-activated shorts line, we were unable to bring you BAD SPORTS’ latest episode. This episode, much like the inaugural, is pretty unique to lacrosse. However, Episode 2 is racy as all get-out. That said, we are going to refrain from describing what ensues.

Parental discretion and YouTube guidelines apply. Moreover, we do not condone misogyny, but this is a real world topic and should be discussed in a respectable and open forum somewhere else. It’s a comedic show and not a distasteful advert. Cue Miles Fisher as Chad Whipple from his mom’s basement.

Chad brings in lacrosstitute legend Casey Shaughnessy to break down which type of athlete bros have the most to offer in bed. The results may shock and disturb you.

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