Consider this a warning: Don’t mess with the Baltimore Crabs. The Crabs’ U15 team racked up 39 wins and 0 losses this year. It is a highlight reel, which only points out the highs of the season, but they are definitely more talented than their competition. There are two main reasons why kids from DC want to make the long commute to Baltimore to play for the Crabs over much closer programs, coaching and exposure. For more information about The Baltimore Lacrosse Club, visit

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  • Dan Snyder

    They had a great year, but look how many kids with 1996 birthdays who repeated 8th grade are on this team – they are almost a full year older than many of the teams they faced.  And you have it wrong – FEWER and FEWER elite players are playing for the Crabs, as more lacrosse clubs pop up.  Look at how the Crabs HS teams have fared the last two years – much less dominant.

  • mmflames

    i play for the top gun fighting clams and we played the crabs high school team and beat them pretty easily… they’re not that good

  • they play some dirt teams and as far as there team shows they show little lacrosse IQ

    • teach

      Caleb Rich,

      You shouldn’t disrespect any team that takes the field to compete at this young age! Also, when you mention “lacrosse IQ’ you should be careful! There is there and there is their!  Which is it?

  • Anonymous

    @1cad559f8db3722cf2d6fc954e94c761:[email protected]:[email protected]:disqus , even though they are less dominant, go to the website and see how many players are going to D1 schools to play lacrosse. Its not really about winning games on a club team, its about exposure, skills, love for the game, and connections to play on next level teams that can open many doors.

  • Tbirdmiller4

    okay i play on this team and you guys have no idea what ur talking about not EVREY age at the program is complrtly dominant