@SketchyBerts tweeted us a stunning video of a fight breaking out in a Mexican lacrosse league. The game is between Salle (White) and Ibero (Red). Both squads look solid and can really move it up and down the field, but you can sense that these teams don’t like each other at all. As the players patience wind down with the game clock cheap shots, trips and slashes start to be thrown. The penalties aren’t being called and the players begin to show visible frustration.

The fight begins at the 18:20 mark, but I would start watching it at the 16 minute mark because that’s when it really starts to unravel. View the clip below.

Lacrosse SALLE vs IBERO 2 da parte from Carlos Zavala on Vimeo.

For more information on lacrosse in Mexico visit MexicoLacrosse.com.

  • beeeeeeef

    How is this awesome?

  • beeeeeeef

    How is this awesome?

  • Rogmeister

    i love how everyone is in a pile in the fight, just refs are chillin on side, haha

  • The Mexican Assassin


  • Uvacavalier46

    pahahah the kid swinging the crutches

  • Will Nibs

    17:10 sick clear goalie

  • lucas

    oh no somone dropped a penny hahaha jk

  • Roomalus

    theres a guy swinging crutches