Foster Huggins Lacrosse Highlights Junior Year

Foster Huggins is a Junior defenseman for the Episcopal School of Dallas lacrosse team. He will be graduating high school in 2014 and is committed to Loyola University Maryland.

Huggins possesses many skills – GBs, handling, clearing, vision, and more. His speed and talent reminds me of another #11, Steve Panarelli. Panarelli was an All-American for Syracuse this past decade and played with the same tenacity of Huggins.

He’s all over this (above) highlight reel, but you really see what he was known for at the 2:17 mark.

  • Anonymous

    steve panarelli was one of the worst on ball defenders i have ever seen. yes he had a lot of caused turnovers but there’s a reason he has done nothing since graduating. he constantly gets beat because of the stupid over the head check