Bowling Green had a men’s varsity lacrosse program from 1965 to 1979 that was one of the most successful lacrosse programs in NCAA history, with a winning percentage of over 75%. Today we found a gem of a video on the historic Bowling Green team that was unfortunately dropped in 1979. The video is a comprehensive montage filled with nostalgic hair, equipment, uniforms, apparel and lifestyle.

If you are truly a lacrosse enthusiast you will appreciate the video you are about to witness. At the 8:37 mark there is a great shot of the team watches the Falcons wore.

Amidst the fashion trends (madras, flow, short shorts) and equipment such as bacharach lace helmets, traditional pockets and wooden sticks. The roster images and bios are just as priceless.

The Falcons played a tough schedule against teams like Kenyon, Denison, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Notre Dame. The team also relied “heavily on Baltimore high school graduates”. One picture caught our eye, current announcer Leif Elsmo at the 7:40 mark.

As you watch the vid you may grow curious of what the former players look like now. Towards the 13:12 mark you get to see what the former players look like today with clips from their recent reunions.

BGSU Men’s Lacrosse Retrospective from on Vimeo.

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