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Big City Classic Photos

Posted on April 13, 2010 by

Categories: Dyeing, Game Photos, Social Media, Stringing was present at the Big City Classic this weekend and just uploaded photos. We especially loved the up-close snap shots of the players sticks. You can see the various stringing, tape and dye jobs.

Visit LacrosseAllStars Facebook Page to view all of the spectacular photos they took this past weekend.

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  • ed

    Last picture, center stick w/ blue head. What kind of pocket is that? Very interesting.

  • LaxLlama8

    It’s called an Iroquois topstring.

    It’s pretty commonly used by Iroquois players, it can give the stick some insane lip when done a certain way.

    However, the same effect can be achieved using a normal topstring and the correct shooter setup.

    Purely preference.