If you don’t know, now you know. Booker Corrigan revamped the lacrosse announcing game last year with a line from the Notorious B.I.G. Here he is again with a url for the masses:


Stick Tap: UnderTheBucket

View Game Photos below from the Garden City vs St. Pauls high school lacrosse battle in Cockeysville, Maryland. GC would go on to win 9-6. Both squads are repping Cascade CPX-R helmets. Nicely strung Topstring for the Garden City attackman.

  • Ploozer

    Yeah….just not that cool in my own humble opinion. His next call should be “Life ain’t nuthin but gimmicks unfunny.” 

  • Spearsj581

    I am a play by play man…and I must tell you, that while it is impressive that he was able to actually get that “long URL” out…this is not that great of a a play by play call. 

    • Fredisdead44

      Jealous much?