It’s the age old summer ball problem. As you make your way from the field to the bar, what do you do with your wallet, phone, and keys? Within the last few years we’ve started seeing the trend of pockets in lacrosse shorts, much to the delight of tournament-goers everywhere.

This year Boathouse is introducing a new summer ball short, its first lacrosse shorts available with pockets. The shorts have an eight inch inseam and are offered in black, navy, red, royal, forest, and maroon. The swoop side panel can be sublimated in a solid color or in sublimated designs.

Check out the new short design below:

  • FlowGo

    uhh…Ive had sublimated shorts with pockets for years now. Not to mention these are booty.

  • Lacrosse Playground

    FlowGo – These aren’t the first shorts with pockets (we’ve played with shorts with pockets, too), these are the first shorts that Boathouse has done with pockets.