The “I’ll be there for you, These five words I swear to you” rocker has offspring who stirs the tea at the face-off “X” for his high school team. Jesse Bongiovi is Poly Prep’s FOGO and apparently crushes it. The New York Post recently ran an article about the Runaway.

Jesse Bongiovi, 17, isn’t a world class musician but he does play a major role on the Poly Prep boy’s lacrosse team. Apparently, the Bay Ridge private school standout is very humble and doesn’t like being compared to his father. The Junior face-off specialist is also having his best year yet winning more than 50 percent of draws to start the year. He scored his first career varsity goal for Poly (1-2) in a 12-6 loss to Fieldston on Friday.

Head Coach Brooks Sweet states:

It’s a grueling position. He’s a hard-nosed kid…To his credit, he’s in shape and he’s a tough kid. He’s a guy who can control a lot of these games for us.

Learn more about the Poly Prep Junior by heading to the View a clip of him playing below.

For all it’s worth…this is my favorite Jovi track.