May 17, we originally posted Kudda’s Booker Corrigan dropping rap lyrics during an MIAA game. Since then, Corrigan’s play-by-play has been spilling all over the interwebs like a flood.

Earlier today, Corrigan joined the Dan Patrick Show to talk about his wild “Greg Pyke” play-by-play.

Corrigan said that he had no idea it would become an internet sensation. He really didn’t mean it that way. Corrigan said that he’s talked with some big media outlets. But he’s not sure he feels comfortable about dropping Big Papa into a line being his entry-way into the big time.

Corrigan said he doesn’t script these lines. He loves lacrosse and tries to support the players and the game. He’s only trying to help the sport.

Click here to listen to the podcast. Click here if you want to listen to more clips from Corrigan in action.