IL reported that Gary Gait is no longer a candidate for the Maryland men’s opening. Gait stated that “The [Maryland] alums were very supportive and it was definitely an incredible opportunity to pursue,” he said, “but I decided because of my family and my situation [at Syracuse] that I’m not going to pursue it.” His daughter, Taylor, is finishing her sophomore yr in HS and his son, Braedon, is finishing his eighth-grade year. Below is a clip of Braedon showing off his stick “skillz”.

  • robo trippin

    this kid is so ill, i couldnt come close to doing any of that, must be those gait genes

  • Billy beaster

    Good thing Maryland won’t have to be sponsored by gait haha, I feel bad for those programs cough*Virginia*cough

  • CPTA

    Nice vid but was this kid even alive when that song came out? He should know Limp Bizkit loses him some credibility…