South Swell has released the latest in its line of pro series pockets, the latest a signature series head for Brendan Mundorf. The retailer is working with athletes to develop their ideal pocket for a release of a series of sticks to give kids and opportunity to play with what their heroes are using on the field.

The head is an STX Super Power and strung to Mundorf’s specs. From Mundorf: “I string my sticks so that the ball is always in the sweet spot. For me the sweet spot is in the middle of the head. Because the ball is securely set in one spot I have great hold, which allows me to get through traffic without losing the ball. I am also able to shoot and pass very quickly with a snap of the wrist. When shooting with time and room my pocket creates more whip which allows me to shoot with more velocity. I would recommend this pocket to more advanced players at any position.”

You can learn more about the pocket at

  • Rob

    this is a little much, let the kids string their own pockets so they can learn how, and play to their own styles, all good to have a “pro’s wand” but c’mon, make money another way

  • snafoo

    Look at the forums and see all the threads for’ how does so and so string their head’. Kids want to mimick their favorite player so why not offer a head already strung the exact way that player has his personal head. This is still a better deal than several other places that rip kids off charging $30+ for custom stringing

  • jim

    I agree with Rob that kids should string their own pockets in an ideal world, but how many do? How many will take the time to learn it? All my players give me their stick, and as a coach I’d rather have them go spend a little extra money at their local shop for a pocket that works for them. I certainly don’t have time to be fixing sticks at or after practice.

    Why not offer this “pro strung” as a service option Rob? Their are labor and hard material costs involved in stringing a stick, right? So, the player can either do the work himself, or outsource it to someone with specialized knowledge and heaps of experience. I’ll stop here before I launch into a diatribe of barter and how markets came to be. There are plenty of pros who don’t even string their own sticks, who would rather spend his time shooting 50 right and 50 left.