• SirLaxin22

    Brine gloves don’t allow for enough customization. All the gloves we are seeing have two colors usually, whereas the STX gloves were allowing for a more unique customization, allowing teams to get gloves the average consumer couldn’t buy.

  • kingbrine


    I’m obviously bias here but i completely disagree. UMBC, Loyola, and a few teams you’ll see tomorrow and Friday have 3 colors.

    Don’t forget that a bunch of these Shakedowns are using special material (Altium metal brushed leather) instead of changing that zone color. Sometimes having different texture is better looking than different colors.

    I also like how anyone, any team, could trick their gloves out to mimic one of our college squads. Sometimes we put out exclusive only gear but isn’t it cooler to know that if you like something enough to buy it you can??

    Correct me if I’m wrong, what was so special on the STX gloves that a random team couldn’t do??