Well, it seems the Chromed out heads are now showing up in the women’s game. This November Brine Lacrosse will be releasing two Chrome fade Amonte unstrung heads to limited dealers. The Brine Amonte is one of the most popular shapes and models of heads in the women’s market. The Amonte has undergone several versions since first starting out as the Warrior Amonte and now even an Amonte 2 version is available. But Brine’s first version of the Amonte seems to date to be the most popular.

Brine is pulling out something new using a fade process which I have not seen anywhere to date. So far only the Royal to Chrome and Pink to Chrome are available, but who knows. Lime Green is one of the hot colors in women’s lacrosse right now and Black has been taking hold in the women’s game over the last few years. So more colors may be available at some point.

One thing is for sure these heads in the hands of the right stringer could really make for some very cool one off heads for a player who wants to go that extra step to making their stick stand apart from the rest.

We will post pics of some custom string jobs as we get the heads in our hands.

Mike Rinier, 9 Year Lacrosse coach for both men’s and women’s. Enjoys coaching Goalies the most. Mike enjoys participating in downhill mountain biking, road bike and cyclocross as well as distance trail hiking and finding ways to bring the lacrosse style to sports that may not be used to it. Custom stringer for Longstreth Women’s Sporting Goods. He will bring you the latest and greatest in what is new in the women’s game for both equipment and shoes. Hopefully we can cue you in to some cool stuff on the way.