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Brine King IIs for U of Central Florida

Posted on February 4, 2010 by

Categories: Brine, Gloves

The UCF Brine King IIs are in with a Gold colorway. The cuff is adorned with the UCF insignia. This colorway is unique because where White is the primary color, based on what we’ve seen in previous Brine King IIs, usually a darker color is present like the Oregon gloves.

How do you think these came out?

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  • Jesus

    Sick…now go Division 1 UCF…your football team is a joke, lacrosse could thrive there.

  • Peter

    I like the style of the Kings, but I think they would look better if the king and team logos were reversed…It seems dumb to have the company logo much bigger and more prominent than the team logo

  • beezlebubb

    Division 1 lacrosse will never exist at a school the size of UCF
    55,000 undergrad are you kidding?

    a 15 yr old d1 football program has nothing to do with that anyway.