On Tuesday, Brobible.com ran a Top 25 list of great things about going to college in the North. Their quirky intern (see video) listed lacrosse as the number 2 reason.

InternTim states:

The North is a lacrosse powerhouse on both the collegiate level and high school level. At the college level the competition is unmatched. In D1 there are schools like Syracuse, UMass, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Bryant, and depending on your interpretation of where the North-South border falls, you can also include the likes of Hopkins, Maryland, UMBC, and Navy. The D1 schools are great but there are also various D2 and D3 schools. Depending on your level of skill and/or commitment, then one of these programs might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Read the list in its entirety at Brobible.com.

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