Bros Lacrosse, a lifestyle apparel company developing some of the most bro apparel on the market, recently dropped their new website which features the Design Lounge, chill music, and even some new swag.

The Design Lounge helps BL get the swag that you want. The DL features designs of various products (shorts, shirts, hats, sunglasses, pinnies, ect,) that users can vote and comment on. The ones with the highest votes and ratings will be put up for purchase. If you have a design idea, hit up BL at [email protected], and if your design gets the highest votes, you get that item free.

Another “bro” feature added to the new designed site is the Music Bar. At the top of the page visitors are able to press play and chill on BL. The website features music from The Dean’s List, Aer, JAMS, Matt Easton, Gorilla Warfare Tactics and Huey Mack. Artist Profiles lets bros see info and download mix-tapes from all artists featured on BL.

Bros Lacrosse is a lifestyle apparel company started in May of 2010 giving bros a chill look. BL’s line of products include shirts, shorts, pinnies, hats, shades, and more.

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