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Brother Rice Brine King II Gloves

Posted on November 22, 2009 by

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Having won a total of 16 state titles, Brother Rice is the most storied high school program in Michigan. Below is a preview of The Warriors’ Brine King II glove for next spring, featuring Brother Rice’s logo on the cuff and a balance of white and orange colors.


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  • JiggaWhat

    I love my King II’s, these are sick. Brother Rice will always be a great team, they have a ton of support from the school and have the ability to draw in those players from public schools. Brine does an excellent job with the look, feel, and protection of their gloves.

  • 412 Lax

    Where are their Warrior gloves?

  • bodega

    yeah good point, isn’t Brother Rice the alma mater of where the Warrior prez went?! But also, didn’t warrior and brine merge in some capacity?!?!?!

  • Whocares

    odd to see that logo with brine, based on the fact that warrior lacrosse was named after Brother Rice