Here’s a few Verdict photos that are accompanying a tragic story in the Feb issue of US Lacrosse Magazine. I was asked to photograph Cal Berkeley Women’s Lacrosse who had just found out that funding has been cut for their team and they were entering their last year as a varsity squad.

I felt so bad for these girls who have sacrificed so much (as all collegiate athletes do) just to have the rug pulled out from under them and also to have ZERO say in the matter. They were understandably upset and stunned by the school’s announcement. I tried to capture the betrayal and the let down of the situation but also the strength in these girls to handle and move forward through this. I hope these photos and the story shine a light on the situation and NOTHING like this happens again.

You can’t put a price on dreams!

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In 2008 former professional lacrosse player, Zach Heffner formed his own photography company so he could pursue his own unique style and brand of image making. A few years later, Verdict Photography is now a premiere commercial photography studio located in California. Specializing in commercial portraiture, Zach’s work features many elite athletes and has appeared in magazine covers and in national print ads. Zach hopes to use his ‘edgy’ style of photography to help promote the sport of lacrosse within mainstream media. Titled ‘EXPOSURE’, these blog posts will showcase Zach’s recent work and how he is helping lacrosse to get more of what it needs…exposure.