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California Gold Invitational Nike Air Huarache III Cleats

Posted on July 17, 2011 by

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Cali Gold Invitational just wrapped up another successful camp out on the Left Coast. Sponsored by Nike, the players attending the camp all received Nike Air Huarache III cleats. Platinum/Safety Yellow colorway. The Huarache III’s are the same worn by Syracuse, Virginia and Hopkins in the NCAA tourney. (via @Tizzlestx)

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  • I agree with you,I also like nike outlet stores very much. 

  • Greg

    i would do horrible things to get my hands on those. horrible things.

  • Greg

    i would do horrible things to get my hands on those. horrible things.

  • Samouel Bernstein

    2015 California Gold swag was a rip off ! All the kids got this year were shorts, socks and a t-shirt. No one received the cleats, duffel bag or heads like in years past.
    Day 1 only had (2) 2 hour training sessions.
    Day 2 the kids only played 2 games.
    The players were TOTAL GLORY HOUNDS – taking crazy shots through crowded lanes, defense men running down the field to shoot, even goalies trying to score.
    The selfishness and ME attitude was disgusting.
    The cost rose from $325 to $475, and the quality of the program sucked.

    This was an OBVIOUS MONEY GRAB. There were kids there who did not belong. 3D Invited them because they had MONEY !

    The younger athletes did not even have college coaches watching their games. If they did, there were only a few.


    Want to get noticed by college coaches?
    1. Get good grades.
    2. Get good test scores.
    3. Focus on your fundamentals.
    4. Get as good on your weak side as your strong side (passing, shooting, cradling).
    5. Be a TEAM PLAYER.
    6. Be involved in things other than LAX (4H, FFA, Scouts, Church/Community Groups, etc.)