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Casey Custom Cleats

Posted on April 22, 2010 by

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Casey Custom Sneakers did a great job making custom cleats for a Shamrocks Lacrosse Club player. The cleats have a green bandana design with a four leaf clover surrounded by dark orange and silver.

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  • in awe

    Wow…just wow. Casey is a beast. Best I’ve seen from him and they keep getting better.

  • Murf

    Casey is out of this world with his customizing skills! These cleats are so sick. Can anyone get stuff customized?

  • Art Booster

    These may be the best cleats he made thus far. I agree, he keeps putting out a better pair each time. Casey is too dope with his skills, keep it up!

  • Ted

    Awesome pair brah, these cleats this dude puts out are the sickest I have seen. Surprised no one has tried picking him up to design for there company. Either way keep them coming brah.