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Unparalleled Lacrosse’s Custom HeadWrapz and Uniform


Unparalleled Lacrosse is a hot club team based in Connecticut, which is run by former Johns Hopkins goalie Scott Smith. His team, the Salty Salmon, wear four different sets of uniforms by Crosse Check with wicked helmet decals by HeadWrapz. Read More…

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Crosse Check — Cosmic Lacrosse Shirt

Engineered with the lacrosse t-shirt enthusiast in mind, Crosse Check has coupled a vintage garment with a vintage screen print.

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Crosse Check Templated Shorts Program

These are just some added designs from Crosse Check like “Dias De los Muertos skulls” and some “Vintage Tattoo” doodles for their templated shorts program. Crosse Check clothing has a lot to offer in terms of the color vibrancy, quality of stitching and fabric.

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Brine Kings South Beach Uniforms

Brine Kings South Beach Uniforms

These are the uniforms that the Brine Kings will be wearing down at the Bumb & Grind Lacrosse Tournament in South Beach on Jan 28th-30th. The tops and bottoms are sublimated.

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Crosse Check x Citadel Lax Shooters

Crosse Check, based out of Gainesville, Florida, produced a solid sublimated cut and sew job with the Citadel lax shooting shirt. The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, wears Citadel Blue and White in their uniforms. The Citadel’s mascot is a bulldog. The bulldog is featured on the shirt against the Red checkerboard pattern with the school’s iconic architecture ghosted into the background.

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Crosse Check’s Templated Shorts

Crosse Check has created a few new stylish designs for the spring. Teams can choose their design, sub out their own colors, and have their logo placed on the bottom left panel. It’s a great way for teams to have their own unique style short with pockets at an affordable price, while skipping the hustle and bustle of worrying about artwork.

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Florida State Lacrosse x Crosse Check Apparel

Crosse Check just finished a cool shirt for the Florida State Lacrosse team. This shirt is designed to help raise money for the Seminole lacrosse program. Visit for more information on raising money for your team.

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Mr. Boh Lax Shorts

Mr. Boh Lax custom dye sublimated shorts with pockets. Word on the street is that the original order was 30, but after seeing the artwork it soon became 50.

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